Hotel sublease・Management outsourcing・Management consulting

Hotel sublease

Owner of hotelOwners
  • Ownership, investment of landed property and building
  • Total cost of ownership
OwnersBase Corporation Inc.
  • Hotel management
  • Operation entirely
  • Direct management

We will provide stable income and save your time.

We lease owner’s property and manage it.

You can save time and get fixed monthly income with this plan automatic renewal contract every 2 months.

Hotel management outsourcing

Owner of hotelOwners
  • Ownership, investment of landed property and building
  • Hotel management
  • Maintenance of landed property and building
OwnersBase Corporation Inc.
  • Operation entirely
  • Attracting customers

Management support with experienced know-how

This is the system that hotel management is owners’, our company will be responsible for hotel operating and get operating charge.

With experienced know-how, we will maximize amount sold and profit. It’s a good performanced system. Also it will be a great merit for development of human resources. Owing to IT technology, we can share customer information and cooperative sales promotion easily.

Hotel management consulting

Owner of hotelOwners
  • Hotel management・operating
  • Ownership, investment of landed property and building
  • Maintenance of landed property and building
OwnersBase Corporation Inc.
  • Survey・Analyse of business conditions
  • Support operating entirely
  • Sharing know-how of manage and attracting customers

Improve management consulting with our company’s experienced know-how

This is the system, when owners want to manage hotel by themselves, we consult about from inception to web strategy. We will offer proposal of cost-effective with low-cost operation under complete controlled.

Survey and analyse current business conditions closely, provide an improvement plan of management, also will support as project evaluation and management consulting. After planning, we will follow the progress constantly. Further assess an outsourcing contract like a maintenance contract.

(Effectual land use for hotels)

Effectual use of landowner’s property as an accommodation.
Suggestion of a system that we sublease a hotel constructed on landowner’s property.

From land survey, business plan, space planning of a hotel to construction, we drive forward a project of new hotel development based upon know-how as we have handled many projects of improvement or new-built hotels. After the buidings are completed, we will sublease and manage them. Landowners don’t need any know-how of construction or management, there is no risk of changing rent of vacancy, moreover the owners can be sure stable manthly return. Upon receipt of this amount, the owners return bank loans. You need to pay taxes on the property, still depreciation period is shorter compared to rental apartments.

  1. Business plan

    We conduct market research, location survey, make a balance planning and make a business plan.

  2. Development plan and action

    Development planning from both side of hard and soft with the future in mind. We try smooth construction from viewpoint of purchaser.

  3. Establishment plan and action

    We get furniture and facilities,and make a plan of advertisement.

  4. Formalities

    We make an arrangement such as contracts or permits and licenses for hotel opening.

  5. Operation starts

    Operation starts as our brand hotel.

Hotel renovation

Reproduce buidings and Shake up hotel image

Buidings not only deteriorate with age and also it will have a gap with market needs, their value goes down. We reproduce buildings answer market needs making good use of existing buildings with our experienced renovation skills. We can keep earning power and the value of owner’s property, also maximize them. From construction design, getting equipments, progress status to handover, we construct an efficient organization, shake up hotel image speedily has never realized before.

At hotel renovation, it’s important not only building, and also operation. After the buidings are completed, we will suggest renovation plan included sublease, management outsourcing, consulting and operation.

Market research and analyse


Owner of hotelOwners
OwnersBase Corporation Inc.

Survey and analyse hotel capacity

We will offer owners plan of new-built budget hotel, results of survey and analyse ”locations”, ”comparison to neighborhood”, ”analyse of sold”, ”customer’s trend”, ”simulation of a business balance” of hotels. Also we merchandise, screening for loan and survey hotels.

Due diligence

We would suggest an improvement plan for exposing the current problem

In the process of merchandise, purchase, investment and securitization, we evaluate a certain standard of value. From a variety of angles we have a investigation like marketing or necessary costs, present the estimated value with our experts know-how. After field investigation and record surveys we survey facilities and plan long-term improvement projects for hotel investment.

  • We handle throughout the entire from due diligence, survey to merchandise with taking full advantage ofour grop network.
  • We assist you completely being aware of client’s needs.
  • Gather and analyse changing market’s trend in realtime included our case for due diligence.
  • Regardless of type, area or amount, we provide a prempt・precise・reasonable report depending on client’s purpose.

We would suggest an improvement plan for exposing the problem to manage current projects.

Make clear improvement of human resource, facilities and cost with profit and loss sheet, balance sheet, and cash flow.

  1. Proposal optimal improvement programs such “attracting customers”, “amount sold”, “profit” and so on.
  2. Offer facilities are competitive in markets, that make a big appeal to clients or agent as individuality and sense of value of hotels.
  3. Improve profit and loss sheet and a balance sheet for significance to stay in business.
  4. Reconstruct cash flow while improve / reform it.
  5. Provide an improvement project of a business for financial institutions.
  6. Coaching manager how-to get figures, stuff development.